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SUP Yoga


Come explore the coves of Horsetooth Reservoir and enjoy some fun, mindful movement outside. No experience needed. Whether you're a seasoned paddler, a long time yogi, or an adventurous beginner looking to try something new; mixing yoga and paddleboard together lets you safely explore your comfort zone. You'll find a whole new respect for balance and a greater awareness of the body.

Sup Yoga schedule
Class dates for 2021 have not been finalized. Get on the waitlist to find out when classes are happening and when sign-ups open.
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Imagine floating across the cool water on your yoga mat! Stand Up Paddleboard yoga is the greatest way to tap into the engagement of your core, improve your balance, and enjoy the many gifts of nature and being out on the water. 

Class experiences do not have to be limited to those with phenomenal fitness and balance, in fact, they are a great opportunity for those that struggle with balance, to be able to WAKE UP the stabilization muscles and proprioceptors so that you can improve your balance while having fun being outdoors.  

When classes are led in a mindful manner you will discover that you can maintain a connection to your board and realize the full therapeutic benefits of practicing on the water.  That is the Aviana approach to SUP Yoga and Fitness, keep it fun, light, and dialed into the body's intelligence in order to set every student up for success!

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