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I can't make a reservation online. Why?

We operate from mid-May – mid-Sept. If you try to book before we are open for the season or if we have already closed, you may not be able to book reservations. May-Sept if you are not able to book and secure a date/time, it is because there is no reservation availability or it is less than 24 hours in advance. 

Where can I find you at the lake?

Click HERE for directions and how to find us. Once you are at the lake, look for our pop-up tents and feather-flag signage! Our staff is stationed near our storage containers under the tents.

> Horsetooth Santanka Cove: we are located near the boat dock across the bridge. Park permits can be purchased near the parking lot.

> Horsetooth South Bay: we are located by the swim beach. Park permits can be purchased at the manned station at the entrance of South Bay.

> Horsetooth Sunrise Swim Beach: we are located in the lower parking lot. Park permits can be purchased in the upper parking lot at the self-pay station.

> Carter Lake South Shore: we are located across from the boat dock. Park permits can be purchased at the south or north entrances.

Do I need to also buy a park permit?

Yes! Park Entrance fees are not included with the rental. Daily entrance permits are available at entrance stations and self-serve stations prior to entering the parks. A park permit is required to visit Horsetooth Reservoir or Carter Lake. It is $10 per day/per car for a day pass. You must purchase it directly from Larimer County Parks. Park permit info:

Where should I park?

Weekends are very busy, and the parks are usually at peak capacity between 11am & 3pm. Be patient in finding parking as there is limited parking available at the Horsetooth locations. At Carter Lake, you should be able to find parking near our rental location at South Shore.

Can I rent at the lake without a reservation? 

Yes! We have equipment available for rent on a first-come-first-serve basis. Walk-ups are welcome at all locations.

How much are rentals?

Visit our rates page.

Can I use my gift card or punch card to make a reservation?

Yes, but you need to make your reservation over the phone (970-797-4996) or email us at at least 36 hours in advance. 

DO you operate in rain or windy weather?

No, all rentals are weather permitting. We do not operate in rain or sustained winds over 15 mph. Your safety is our #1 concern!

Can I rent for less than one hour?

The minimum rental time is one hour.

How old do I have to be to rent?

You must be 18 (or have a parent/guardian) to complete your waiver form and have a valid driver’s license. Anyone under the age of 18 yrs must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for check-in.


Do you have a kid rate?

Yes, it is $10 per hour for kids 12 and under. All kids MUST wear a PFD.


Can we bring our Dog?

Yes, you can bring your furry friend! Bring a towel to help protect the board and deck pad. We will charge for damage done to the boards. We DO NOT have life jackets for your pet.

Do you have group rates?
Yes, we have group rates for 10 or more! Contact us for group rates for team building, bachelor(ette), and birthdays!
If we are beginners, do we get a lesson?

Our staff will give you a verbal land orientation along with safety information, rules, and regulations for your time on the water. Typically this is sufficient. If you have any additional questions or need more guidance and help, ask our staff during your orientation.

Do we have to wear a life jacket?

By law, you must have a PFD on board your vessel. We advise everyone to wear their life jacket while on the water. Age 12 and under must wear a PFD at all times required by state law.

is there a weight limit on the paddleboards?

We have a variety of inflatable and hard boards. We will size you up to equipment that will accommodate your height/weight. Generally, the boards have a weight capacity of 385 lbs. 

Can I bring my kids on the board with me?

Yes! They must wear a coastguard-approved PFD at all times. Weight totals for everyone on board should not exceed the total weight limit for the paddleboard.

Can I bring my infant on the board with me?

No, we would not recommend that you bring a child too small for a coastguard-approved PFD. 

What if I need help while I'm on the water?

We provide a whistle that is attached to your board along with your life jacket. Should you need help, blow the whistle! 

What happens if it starts raining or becomes very windy while I'm out on the water?

You need to get to land immediately. It is unsafe to be out on the water, even a short distance from shore, during inclement weather. If you return the equipment early due to inclement weather you will be charged the hourly rate for the time you were out.

What are the water temperatures?

Our mountain lakes are very cold until about mid-summer. In May, water temps are on average around 30-40℉, June 40-50℉, July 50-55℉, August and Sept 55-60℉.

You can find current water temps here:

Be aware of water temperature safety. You can find more info here:

Can we keep the boards longer and just stay out longer than we paid for?

No, we ask you to return on time to accommodate other reservations that may have been scheduled. When you return your board, you can check with our staff on-site to see about extending your rental.

Can I return my rental early?

If you return the equipment because you no longer wish to use it, you will be charged the full amount.

How early should I show up for my rental?

Arrive 15-20 minutes before your start time (during peak season) for instructions and safety equipment fitting. We make every effort to get you started on time.


What if I accidentally damage the rental?

We ask that you stay away from rocky shorelines; we will charge for damage done to equipment (board, paddle, life jacket) due to improper use.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

There is a 24-hour cancelation policy. No-shows may be charged a one-hour rental fee based on the type of equipment reserved. If you are running late for your reservation, phone ahead.

What if I'm late?

If you are running late for your reservation, phone ahead.

I'm camping nearby. Can I keep my board overnight?

No, unfortunately, we cannot allow you to keep your board at your site overnight.

Can we rent boards and TAKE them in our car to somewhere else on the lake (to the lake via Lori Sate Park)?

NO, transporting our equipment is prohibited.

How do I find Satanka Cove at horsetooth on GPS?

Enter "Satanka Cove, Colorado 80512" into Google Maps or GPS

Are there restrooms?

There are restrooms located at all parking areas with water access to Horsetooth Reservoir and Carter Lake. We recommend bringing your own hand sanitizer.

How is cell phone reception?

The reception is very spotty, especially on the north end of Horsetooth Reservoir and South Shore at Carter Lake.  We suggest downloading all directions before coming to the lakes.

When I call I get a voice message. Can I talk to a person?

Yes! We are a small business and have lots of calls each day. Leave a message, and we will return it ASAP! You can also email us at

How do I become an affiliate?

If you are interested in working with us, call or send us an email. We're happy to discuss opportunities!

Can I work for What's SUP?

Yes! Each summer, we hire new staff. Send your resume to

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